Life Insurance – get it: and get it right..

Apart from the fact that I was really taken by the image presented with this story, the thoughts presented in it really hit a chord with me: and holds true to the philosophy my colleagues at Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd (see details at apply when we are seeking to serve the best interests of our clients and potential clients.


The blog linked above ends with the following section, under the heading The Bottom Line that certainly warrants repeating:

“What is the best way to buy low cost life insurance? Getting a level premium  life insurance policy from an independent life insurance agent may be the most  secure way to go. An independent agent works with many highly rated companies,  so you can have choices.
In addition, the independent agent can help you work through which type of  policy best meets your needs. Best of all, an independent agent works for you,  not for the company, and their goal is to help you get the best affordable  policy for you.”

When you make the effort to seek the advice of an ‘independent’ agent (adviser) who can present the benefits of a range of insurers; and help you to determine what needs you actually have by way of amount of insurance protection – you can expect the above outcomes. If you select an adviser such as the firm I mention above, you will also be able to negotiate a ‘fee for advice’ package that will save you money in many instances.

The blog linked alongside the image above is worth having a read: it outlines the various pitfalls of undertaking insurance protection  without having the advice of an experienced financial planner who has your best interests as part of their working principles.

I would love to hear your experiences with life insurance: how difficult it is to get in place (with a degree of certainty that you have done the right thing); and how helpful it was to have in place when a claim event arose. Please share your experiences with me and my readers.

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